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Sequoia Flooring supports our local community.

Lending hands to those in need.

During these times of uncertainty, Sequoia Flooring strives to do our best to give what we can to the less fortunate in our community.

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Sequoia Flooring organizing and sorting from the donation arrivals.

Thank you for your Donation!

We know that every ounce of effort can go a long way when helping those in need! 

Sequoia Flooring is proud to use our warehouse facility to store large amounts off donations given to us all year round, that are distributed to those experiencing homelessness or in need! 

Today Sequoia Flooring is truly honored to have donated 40 meals to individuals experiencing homelessness in Pasadena!

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The Smiles Say it All!

With all the gyms closing due to Covid-19 dads like Raoul find it impossible to shower and keep his kids clean even in such a wealthy city like Los Angeles.

Forget staying clean, with Covid-19 spreading showers are vital for people to simply stay alive. We at The Shower of Hope are grateful to our volunteers, donors and partners for their support in helping us expand so much in the last 6 weeks. We are grateful to Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo who was the first elected official to give us government funding and is now supporting us to operate 7 days a week in LA in his district including right here in Lincoln Heights.

If Covid-19 proved anything it's that it's a very thin line between being housed and homeless. It's time we start looking at an LA without homelessness.

It's only impossible until it's done!

 Raoul and his family at The Shower of Hope.

Sequoia Flooring team lending our hands at The Shower of Hope today!


The Shower of hope is groundbreaking non profit organization which provides

FREE showers and hygiene supplies to People experiencing homelessness throughout Los Angeles county! 


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To Learn more about The Shower of Hope visit

The Shower of Hope offers essential hygiene and showers everyday in many locations throughout Los Angeles! Find a location near year you to Volunteer, donate, or Spread the word!

For any questions about Contributing to Our Community Program, email

Sarah at

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Sequoia Flooring lending a hand to people experiencing Homelessness. 

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Pictures of our Recent Volunteer work this Summer. 

Cleaning Showers and Feeding Dozens of People. 

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