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Our new floors are officially the favorite part of our new home. We recently bought our first home and knew walking in that while the bones were great, e needed to get this 1920s spanish beauty back to her self. Which first meant ripping out the terrible flipper grey laminate flooring.

We got quotes from a handful of companies, and while sequoia were not the cheapest, they were the only people to see what we were up against before starting. Steven came in for a consultation, checked a few spots and came back with the news - yes we can replace all of this. But whoever did the flip laid the laminate on tile in the kitchen and didn't level the floors. 

To do the job well and prevent the warping and soft spots that had plagued the grey flooring before it, we'd need to double our budget for some serious leveling. They could have just done the job, but instead they brought their expertise and wow - the result is fantastic. The guys hustled, worked around our crazy moving schedule (and termite tenting which was a nightmare) and finished up as we were moving in.

Would highly recommend, from the showroom to the crew this was a great experience.

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We had our 1950's hardwood floors refinished and installed new hardwood flooring to match in our remodeled kitchen.   Brian and all the workers did an amazing job. On time, wore masks, went out of their way to provide excellent service. Reasonably priced . Fast workers, and wouldn't hesitate to hire Sequoia again.



Living Room

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We have a house built in 1912 and the floors had carpet when we moved in, likely because they were so uneven nothing else could be done. Steven and his crew did a great job of adding a level subfloor in the correct way (I can't tell you how many ppl told us they'd just pour leveling concrete on a raised foundation- huge mistake). 

They installed luxury vinyl flooring and we've had so many compliments! Plus, we eventually decided to do the staircase and had Steven come back for a less than week job. They weren't the cheapest estimate, but they are the company that does it right!

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Based on my experience, this company is the epitome of excellence, great customer service, and among the fairest of pricing for quality work.  Brian was my project liaison and Carlos and Juan were the flooring installers and these 3 gentlemen are ROCKSTARS! Not only were they very knowledgeable but their pride in their workmanship was a pleasure to behold.  Their recommendations, integrity, work ethic, proactive communications, cleanliness, Covid-19 safety measure compliance, and more are all phenomenal and I strongly recommend this company and these gentlemen if you are in the market for quality flooring.

I had engineered natural oak hardwood flooring installed in my master bedroom which already had an entryway in place with similar flooring.  Brian matched up the new installation material for the remainder of the room with a perfect alternative and Juan and Carlos installed the new flooring and baseboards with seamless precision. These gentlemen take pride in their craft and are stellar professionals and I am throughly pleased with them and my new flooring.  "Great job guys!"

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Master bedroom new flooring installation

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No before pictures to post but these after pictures are amazing.

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I'm so glad to have Sequoia Flooring sand and refinish our 1950's hardwood floor.  Brian was my liaison and Mario & Gonzalo were his crew.  The communication with Brian was always easy and his crew was always on time.  The job was complete in 3 days with an amazing result.  In addition, my experience proved that their service doesn't end when the project was done.  I was very impressed to get an answer right away when I contacted Brian with a question a few weeks after the project was done.  I know I can count on them and highly recommend to anyone.

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We received bids from several companies to have the 1100 sq ft of oak flooring refinished in our home.  Dennis, the Sequoia sales rep, was the only person to say that our floors were in good shape and that they would look fabulous with just a clear finish, no stain.  The quote was very reasonable, and the crew were fantastic!  They did all the edges by hand, and also custom made a piece of oak that was a lip into our kitchen as the old one was damaged.  It all looks beautiful!  The job was completed in 3 days, we couldn't be happier with the results.  Outstanding workmanship!

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Floors and stairs

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They did an amazing job on the floors in the house and finished on time or maybe even sooner. They did leave the house a complete mess at the end of the day. Stephen or Steven was very professional and answered all of our questions.  The floors look amazing.. I would use them again if I needed to.

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