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We value the opportunity to be part of your flooring project for your home. Sequoia Flooring provides top  customer service and product quality. Start-to-finish project management by trained, experienced hardwood flooring installation professionals who will get the job done right. 

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As founder and publisher of Splash Magazines, I like to share my needs and solutions with my readers. I have a rental property that my tenant let go to the dogs, literally! I had to evict my tenant and when I got into what formerly was a beautiful home, their was one main glaring problem - dog stains all over the dining room floor.

LA Spash Photo - Stain Photo .png
LA Splash Photo - Pet Stain on Hardwood

I could not rent the home that way and either needed to put down carpets of do the right thing and get the floors professionally refinished. After more than a dozen interviews with various hard wood floor refinishers, ranging from recommendations from friends to professionals, I choose Sequoia Flooring and am glad I did!

It is shocking how many contractors I interviewed that did not tell me or seem know, that no matter what color stain is used on the floors, the visible dog stains will still show unless the wood is replaced. Without replacing the wood the dog stains would just take on the color of the added stain and get even darker!

LA Splash Photo - Professional Sequoia F

The folks at Sequoia Flooring knew that and have years of experience doing such jobs.

I spoke to Joseph and he set up a viewing of my home. I was under a time crunch needing to get the floors done for my new tenant and Joseph of Sequoia Flooring was able to set up an appointment to sand, repair, stain and seal the floors the very next day.

That day, I arrived at my home at 7:55 for an 8:00 meeting and Joseph was already waiting for me. He is a very friendly very knowledgeable man who, as one of the owners of Sequoia, has been in the flooring business for over 9 years. Of all the floor refinishers, Joseph was the only one who instantly knew just by looking, that my floors were ¾ inch thick red #1 common oak flooring. This knowledge comes from Sequoia Flooring refinishing 300- 400 homes per year. I could have just refinished my dining and living rooms but decided, for the long run, it was best to do all the floors. Joseph figured out a very fair price and took my payment using my credit card.

LA Splash Photo - Joseph Sequoia Floorin
LA Splash Photo - Sanding Floors Sequoia

Joseph asked if I was going to keep or sell the home to determine the type of stain and finish. He suggested keeping it a natural finish as I was going to keep it for a rental but would do it darker if I was going to sell the home since the darker finish is popular now. He also suggested a semi or satin for rental s high gloss will show more scratches.

Joseph let me know that the workers would be there at 8:30 and right on time three workers dressed in the Sequoia Flooring shirts looking well groomed and friendly arrived and got right to work. They did what so many contractors do not think to do, the taped a plastic barrier over the doors to protect the rooms that were not going to get refinished from the dust that would be created during the refinishing process.

LA Splash Photo -Floor Sanding and Prote
LA Splash Photo -Pet Stained Floor and P

When I came to see the home I was amazed at how beautiful the floors, and therefore my home looked!


Everyone talks about how painting makes the home look great for a little investment, but I think that the refinishing of the floors is more important. This is true especially for a rental where potential tenants come into an empty home and the floors are the major visible feature. The walls can always be painted to suit the tenants but having beautiful , clean, classy floors is a real turn on for me and my potential tenants.

LA Splash Photo -Beautiful Floors Before
LA Splash Photo -Living Room Beautiful F

It is no wonder that the majority of their business is from referrals to them from friends and family and I will be among those very satisfied customers doing the referring.

Sequoia Flooring work for major construction companies and apartment buildings owners and although they do some commercial there main business is residential.  They were even featured on the ‘Extreme Sell This House’ on A&E.

To make the customer experience totally painless, Sequoia Flooring even offers a mobile showroom offering a few hundred samples of flooring styles. They know that no one wants to spend their precious time and money on gas going to a showroom when the showroom can come to them.

*REFINISHING – Sequoia Flooring has extensive experience in refinishing all types of wood floors using only the latest equipment and employing only the most environmentally safe materials. our goal is to provide the customer with the best floor available with the least amount of disruptions.

*INSTALLATION - Sequoia Flooring offer many different methods of installation; Nail down, glue down, and floating floors. There are many types of floors, including solid, engineered,  laminate, bamboo, hand distressed, unfinished and cork. THEY HAVE THEM ALL, THEY INSTALL THEM ALL. Their project managers provide free on site estimates along with color and design samples to help you choose the perfect floor according to your budget and style needs.

*REPAIRS - As years go by, all hardwood will show signs of damage such as: chips, dents, scratches, nicks, water stains and cracking. With unique technology and superior products, they can revive your hardwood floor back to their original or even better condition with amazing and breathtaking finishes.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 094849.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095826.png

Dennis and Steven really did a great job for us -

We cheaped out out laminate when we first bought our house, and it didn't last very long. decided to go big with new vinyl flooring - only problem was, that not a single floor in our 1960's house was level and firm.  Seqouia flooring stepped up to the challenge, and added a whole new LEVELED subfloor on top of our floor - and it feels good to be on a firm ground again.

Steven and his crew were very respectful and professional, and we didn't even need to move out during the renovation.  Their craftmanship and attention to detail were to notch - worth the price.

o (5).jpg


o (3).jpg

Almost Done

o (4).jpg

Laying down on New Subfloor

o (6).jpg

Moved Back In

Screenshot 2022-09-10 114910.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 114919.png

These guys are fantastic. I just bought a new house and the floors were severely scratched by a large dog. I needed the floors refurbished expeditiously to allow time for the coatings to harden before I moved in.

Dennis and his crew fast tracked the job and did excellent work.
The floors are solid maple and Brazilian cherry. The restoration really brought out the natural colors of the wood (see pictures).

Excellent service. Tons of great choices. After doing a lot of research we made the drive from West LA. We were able to make an appointment for just a few days later. 

o (7).jpg

Dining Room

o (8).jpg

Beautiful Maple and the Brazilian Cherry

Screenshot 2022-09-10 115336.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

Dennis was incredible to work with, very helpful, and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Sequoia Flooring if you need your hardwood floors restored.

The flooring specialist (I don't know if that is the correct terminology) were super helpful and I was very pleased. I can't say how relieved I was to have the experience I did. Thank you Sequoia Flooring you do fantastic work.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 115634.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

I can't say enough good things about Sequoia Flooring. Dennis came to the house for an estimate and provided one right away. He worked with my specific timing request and was very conscientious about checking in with me.  

Although there was a slight snafu with the original flooring we chose, in the end after many calls, Dennis and the staff were able to get the flooring in. The work was done while we were out of town and I was very happy with doing it that way. The work was entirely completed while we were gone, all the furniture was moved back, there was no mess left behind. 

They also took extra care in making sure all our cats remained inside. The work was done well and the floor looks great. We have another 2,000 square feet that need to be done and will absolutely be calling Sequoia to do the work when we are ready.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 115756.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

Amazing customer service, very timely, fair pricing and they will go above and beyond to ensure that they provide the best service possible. Thank you Sarah for fitting me into your scheduling so quickly. 

Josef matched the new kitchen floor with the rest of my house perfectly, something another company prior Sequoia could not match. They even took a piece of my floor and still did not match it.

I just sent some pictures of my floor and Josef from Sequoia came to my house with the perfect sample matched it 100% Very happy with their work!

Screenshot 2022-09-10 115928.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

Sequoia Flooring did an amazing job on most of our house five years ago when we moved in. Now five years later floors have held up beautifully. We had to remove some of it to fix our kitchen and some of it was destroyed in the process.

Joseph came himself to assess the situation and by the end of the day his crew managed to install beautiful new flooring. They are the nicest people, super professional, great product, great work and well priced. I could not recommend them more!

Screenshot 2022-09-10 120104.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

I love my floors! Brian was great to work with, and I just had to show him one picture of what I was thinking, and he got the perfect shade of "wood." They also finished earlier than expected, which was a bonus.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 120243.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

Sequoia recently completed two jobs for us, installing laminate in our lower level and removing, reinstalling and refinishing new hardwood that had been installed incorrectly on the main level of our house.  They did a fantastic job on both projects. 

The whole crew is very skilled and courteous, communication with Dennis was excellent throughout, and both finished products exceeded our expectations.  We would happily recommend them to our friends, and our general contractor was very impressed with their work and has already recommended them as well.  

Sequoia completed the second, larger project for us while we were out of the country, and we felt completely confident with this, having already worked with them on the lower level. Really excellent company that we happily recommend.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 120403.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

Sequoia Flooring is amazing - and I mean from start to finish. I made my appointment with Sarah, who is awesome, and scheduled everything from beginning to end, even calling on off-hours to confirm that everything was okay and scheduled.

For the actual job, I worked with Dennis and his crew. They finished a day earlier than expected, and the job was beautiful! Everything was done to perfection, including the sideboards, and the floors were beautiful! 

Throughout the process, they kept in touch to let me know exactly what the status of the job was and even accepted a delivery that I thought I had to be home for, but someone on Dennis' team was there to accept! I definitely recommend Sequoia for anyone who wants to change or add to their flooring. Their prices are reasonable, and the crew is STELLAR!

Screenshot 2022-09-10 120556.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

Incredible! I can not recommend Sequoia Flooring highly enough. The quality, turnaround time, professionalism of the entire staff, and the price. The absolute best. I got 5 quotes and was delighted that I went with Sequoia for my hardwood floors. Highly recommended!

Screenshot 2022-09-10 121028.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 121037.png

First let me say I was very very specific about the look I was going for. I had to have a pale dove grey floor on red oak and cherry. A tall order to say the least. But Joseph went above and beyond the entire process which was very lengthy for a 10,000 ft house to make my flooring dreams come true. He has the patience of a saint and is an absolute pro in his field. This is in my opinion the only flooring company anyone in LA should be using. Hands down the best.

o (12).jpg
o (9).jpg
o (10).jpg
o (11).jpg
Screenshot 2022-09-10 121525.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

My wife and I decided to get some laminate done in 2 of my bedrooms cause the carpets were old and I wanted hard floors. I really hate having companies come give me estimates for jobs because I despise all the B.S. that goes along with it. They are always so nice but when you tell them you want other estimates that change their tune and  try to pressure you into signing. 

So I found Sequoia on Yelp and made an appointment for an estimate because of all the high praises. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  Brian showed up for my estimate with a few samples on a Wednesday and gave me a price. Like majority of people I wanted to get 2-3 estimates and then decide. 

So after talking to him for like 45 minutes. I liked their samples. They were within my budget and Brian seemed very honest and straight forward. I really appreciated that I wasn't feeling pressured, so I did something I couldn't believe I'd do and that was sign without getting ANY other estimates. Why not, right?

I had to get my wife's opinion on color so we went that Saturday to choose, and when we decided, we got it delivered that Tuesday and work began that Wednesday.

Brian showed up on time with 2 employees (Juan & Leo) and then 2 other guys showed up a few minutes later (whose names I can't recall). All 4 guys were great and did a hell of a job. They knocked the  2 rooms out in about 6-7 hours and it looks awesome. 

They cleaned up after themselves which was great and gave me a extra box of laminate in case I ever needed it. Brian assured me that if I ever had any issues with the flooring that I could always call him and he would take care of it. 

From the moment I got the estimate to the day they finished, whenever I had a question or concern, I always felt comfortable calling Brian and didn't feel like it was an inconvenience to him and I appreciated that.

I am extremely happy I followed my gut instinct and went with Sequoia without shopping around. Could I have gotten it less expensive? Maybe. Maybe not, but I'm very happy with their work. 

When I eventually wanna get my other 2 rooms done with flooring, I would definitely call Sequoia. Sometimes Yelp fails me and I regret going with a recommended business or service, but in Sequoias case. Yelp didn't let me down.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 121942.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png

Want to add one more voice to the chorus of highly satisfied customers. Just had my floors refinished after 22 years, and Sequoia was absolutely fantastic to work with.  They were professional, on time (!), and Dennis was always available and responsive to any questions I had about the process. The floors look absolutely amazing! I can't recommend them highly enough -- for excellent work and customer care.

Screenshot 2022-09-10 122141.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 121037.png

My husband and I are so happy with our hardwood floor installed by Sequoia Flooring. They gave us the best costumer service and delivered the best job as promised. Dennis was so amazing. He paid serious attention to our wants. He is very honest and upfront.

Leo and Juan installed our hardwood floors so perfectly! They help us made our clean modern Scandinavian dream home come into reality. They are very professional and best part of these three are their LOYALTY & DEDICATION to their boss. 

The respect they have for the owner of the company reflected on their performance/work. We were so impressed and we thought these three deserves a huge bonus!

o (13).jpg
o (14).jpg
o (15).jpg
o (16).jpg
Screenshot 2022-09-10 122627.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 121037.png

The folks at Sequoia did such an amazing job refinishing our original hardwood floors from the 30s. Dennis and his team were so fast, affordable, and skilled. Would recommend to anyone out there, thank you!

o (20).jpg

There as an awful pet pee stain that they were able to sand out to look like new (before photo)

o (19).jpg

In-Process Staining After a Clean Sanding

o (18).jpg

Samples that they immediately provided for us to expedite the process

o (17).jpg

Gorgeous Refinish

Screenshot 2022-09-10 095708.png
Screenshot 2022-09-10 114919.png

I found Sequoia on Yelp and after contacting and getting several bids from other flooring companies, went with them. Josef showed up for quote and was fast and courteous. We also discussed other options, as I originally was going to refinish existing hardwood. We ended going to laminate.

Sequoia has a great selection of flooring options, one of the reasons we went with them as well. The installers showed up on time every day and did a fantastic job. 

We had remodeled our entire house at the time, and even our painter had pointed out how great the flooring was and how nice it was to have the baseboards done "exactly right".

Don't hesitate to use Sequoia, they truly are top notch all around!

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