We value the opportunity to be part of your flooring project for your home. Sequoia Flooring provides top  customer service and product quality. Start-to-finish project management by trained, experienced hardwood flooring installation professionals who will get the job done right. 

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As founder and publisher of Splash Magazines, I like to share my needs and solutions with my readers. I have a rental property that my tenant let go to the dogs, literally! I had to evict my tenant and when I got into what formerly was a beautiful home, their was one main glaring problem - dog stains all over the dining room floor.

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I could not rent the home that way and either needed to put down carpets of do the right thing and get the floors professionally refinished. After more than a dozen interviews with various hard wood floor refinishers, ranging from recommendations from friends to professionals, I choose Sequoia Flooring and am glad I did!

It is shocking how many contractors I interviewed that did not tell me or seem know, that no matter what color stain is used on the floors, the visible dog stains will still show unless the wood is replaced. Without replacing the wood the dog stains would just take on the color of the added stain and get even darker!

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The folks at Sequoia Flooring knew that and have years of experience doing such jobs.

I spoke to Joseph and he set up a viewing of my home. I was under a time crunch needing to get the floors done for my new tenant and Joseph of Sequoia Flooring was able to set up an appointment to sand, repair, stain and seal the floors the very next day.

That day, I arrived at my home at 7:55 for an 8:00 meeting and Joseph was already waiting for me. He is a very friendly very knowledgeable man who, as one of the owners of Sequoia, has been in the flooring business for over 9 years. Of all the floor refinishers, Joseph was the only one who instantly knew just by looking, that my floors were ¾ inch thick red #1 common oak flooring. This knowledge comes from Sequoia Flooring refinishing 300- 400 homes per year. I could have just refinished my dining and living rooms but decided, for the long run, it was best to do all the floors. Joseph figured out a very fair price and took my payment using my credit card.

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Joseph asked if I was going to keep or sell the home to determine the type of stain and finish. He suggested keeping it a natural finish as I was going to keep it for a rental but would do it darker if I was going to sell the home since the darker finish is popular now. He also suggested a semi or satin for rental s high gloss will show more scratches.

Joseph let me know that the workers would be there at 8:30 and right on time three workers dressed in the Sequoia Flooring shirts looking well groomed and friendly arrived and got right to work. They did what so many contractors do not think to do, the taped a plastic barrier over the doors to protect the rooms that were not going to get refinished from the dust that would be created during the refinishing process.

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When I came to see the home I was amazed at how beautiful the floors, and therefore my home looked!


Everyone talks about how painting makes the home look great for a little investment, but I think that the refinishing of the floors is more important. This is true especially for a rental where potential tenants come into an empty home and the floors are the major visible feature. The walls can always be painted to suit the tenants but having beautiful , clean, classy floors is a real turn on for me and my potential tenants.

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It is no wonder that the majority of their business is from referrals to them from friends and family and I will be among those very satisfied customers doing the referring.

Sequoia Flooring work for major construction companies and apartment buildings owners and although they do some commercial there main business is residential.  They were even featured on the ‘Extreme Sell This House’ on A&E.

To make the customer experience totally painless, Sequoia Flooring even offers a mobile showroom offering a few hundred samples of flooring styles. They know that no one wants to spend their precious time and money on gas going to a showroom when the showroom can come to them.

*REFINISHING – Sequoia Flooring has extensive experience in refinishing all types of wood floors using only the latest equipment and employing only the most environmentally safe materials. our goal is to provide the customer with the best floor available with the least amount of disruptions.

*INSTALLATION - Sequoia Flooring offer many different methods of installation; Nail down, glue down, and floating floors. There are many types of floors, including solid, engineered,  laminate, bamboo, hand distressed, unfinished and cork. THEY HAVE THEM ALL, THEY INSTALL THEM ALL. Their project managers provide free on site estimates along with color and design samples to help you choose the perfect floor according to your budget and style needs.

*REPAIRS - As years go by, all hardwood will show signs of damage such as: chips, dents, scratches, nicks, water stains and cracking. With unique technology and superior products, they can revive your hardwood floor back to their original or even better condition with amazing and breathtaking finishes.

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